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Monday, 5 October 2020

Hello again, long time no see! It's been pretty hectic for me the past couple of months since returning to work that my poor blog has gone without any attention. Getting back into the swing of things after five months on furlough has been a bit crazy, but I now find myself with some time off and inspirations to write some posts.

During my little break, I treated myself to a very late birthday present in the form of the Dyson Air Wrap. Yes, I know, it's ridiculously expensive, and it's not a purchase anyone should make lightly. I have been in the fortunate position to have tried it out a few times before buying and found that it really worked on my hair. Most stores that stock it will have a tester that you're able to try out on yourself (although you may have to wait until post-COVID-19 times), I would urge you to do so before buying as I know people who have tried it and hated it. I think it really depends on what type of hair you have and fortunately for me, mine falls into the category that works with the Air Wrap. 

I got the Volume + Shape set which includes two 30mm barrels, a soft smoothing brush, a round volumising brush and a pre-styling dryer. As someone who has always struggled, as in completely failed, to give myself a blow-dry this product not only makes the process ridiculously easy but ridiculously quick too! It's also really easy to use, it's not too heavy which is a huge thing for me as I can get strains in my wrists from holding hair tools that are too heavy. It's also, surprisingly, not too loud compared to other hair dryers I've used in the past.

The above picture is after using the curling barrels, these curls do drop a little bit which gives you more of a relaxed wave. If I wanted to have proper curls I would still need to use my curling wand. The soft-smoothing brush is perfect if I want my hair too look straighter whilst still keeping volume, and the round volumising brush is what I use for my easy blow-dry.

Overall, as someone who's naturally dried hair is a bit of a mess, the Air Wrap can give me effortless hairstyles within minutes. Perfect for a lazy oaf like me! I know the price is excessive but I've already got so much use out of it and it has made my morning routine so much easier. Anything that makes my morning less stressful is a win-win for me.

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  1. Your hair looks looks beautiful after using the Volume + Shape set!
    I was never good at managing my own hair when it was long.
    I remember a beautician struggling with my unruly frizzy hair when it was shoulder length, and am now fantasising how effective it would be / have been having her cure that unruliness using the Dyson Air Wrap Volume + Shape 30 mm curling wand on me.
    Your hair, eye-makeup, mascara and perfectly applied lipstick look gorgeous, and you have very pretty blue eyes - absolutely stunning!

    P.S.: I also love the outfits fashions you styled and modelled in your video Autumn Outfit Inspo | Julianna Green | - YouTube!
    I especially love look of the fabric, puffy sleeves and the floral print of the dress in outfit number one cinched in with the belt and styled with the trenchcoat.
    I also love the style of the flared white shirt-dress from Pretty Little Thing in the second OOTD.
    You look stunning modelling the outfit featuring the black vinyl leggings as well as the OOTD featuring the mini-skirt as well.
    The outfit with the tan jumper and black pencil skirt styled with the black hat also looks very fashionable.

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