Outfit of the Day: Corset Tops in Kensington

Friday, 10 April 2020

Wow does this feel like a lifetime ago! Before anyone has kittens; this was a night out from February before the spread of you-know-what and way before we went into lockdown. I have a few outfits backlogged so what better time to remember life before all this went down? Myself along with a few friends went to Pergola in Kensington for a few drinks. Pergola is one of those places where you can either really dress up or really dress down; I chose the latter. You ever plan an entire outfit around one item? I got this top during a discount and was so excited to showcase it. At risk of it being too dressy, I thought pairing it with trainers and jeans made it perfect for Friday night drinks.

Top - Missguided
Jeans - Pretty Little Thing
Blazer - H&M
Trainers - Adidas

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1 comment:

  1. Cute outfit! That pretty corset top from Misguided looks fabulous paired with the blue denim jeans from Pretty Little Thing, the H+M blazer and the Adidas trainers. I love the big denim bow in the belt and the ruffled waist of the jeans. Your lipstick looks very pretty.

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