Outfit of the Day: Coffee & Sweats

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Just going to point out, again, that these were taken before shit went down so don't come for me. We literally just popped out to get a coffee and I thought; what better time to give the whole 90's sweats trend a go? Turns out, I'm a huge fan of wearing joggers and comfy clothes out. I made it a tad smarter by adding a blazer coat to the mix so as not to come across a total slob. How lucky are we that the clothes we usually lounge around the house in are now socially acceptable to be worn outside?! Thanks, Kim K!

Top - Missy Empire
Joggers - Missy Empire
Jacket - Boohoo
Trainers - Adidas

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1 comment:

  1. You looked fabulous in your tan Boohoo coat, Missy Empire crop-top and 90's sweat-pants and Adidas trainers. It's great that comfortable clothes are also fashionable. Speaking of comfort,
    I am hoping that when the brutally hot global warming driven Summer weather arrives, the underwear as outerwear trend will become even more in vogue than it already is (and that I will find the courage to participate in it), :D

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