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Sunday, 5 April 2020
Day 24 of social distancing and I'm going to talk a bit more about fashion. Being stuck inside protecting myself from COVID-19 has given me time to have a little sort of my wardrobe, which mainly involves packing away my big coats bringing my floral dresses out of hiding. Having a good look at everything my wardrobe holds I've definitely seen a trend of the particular pieces I hoard and these are the pieces I think everyone should have for Spring. It's nothing groundbreaking, honestly, but may give you a little inspo. Also, these pictures aren't going to be the most interesting coz, you know, social distancing!

White Dress

There is nothing prettier or more feminine than a white dress. I truly believe everyone should own one regardless of what your style may be. It may seem girly; but actually, my favourite way to style a white dress is with some chunky black boots and a black belt to make it a bit more grunge. You can add some converse for a more casual look or some strappy heels to dress it up; whatever works for you! Just bear in mind when you wear it as it easily stains, I've learnt this the hard way!

Sweatshirt Dress

Another great transitional piece is the sweatshirt dress! You can show a bit of skin but the skin that's covered is nice and cosy, what could be better? It may come as a surprise but add some thigh-high boots to a sweatshirt dress and you've got yourself a great "going out for drinks" outfit. My favourite thing about dresses in general is they require a minimal amount of effort to style but will always look good. What's not to love?

Knitted Jumper

Yes, this may seem like a ridiculously obvious one; but I spent a long time without a nice knitted sweatshirt in my closet and I'm not sure why! They are perfect for this time of year when the sun is getting a bit stronger but it's not quite warm enough to have bare arms. They also can be styled with ANYTHING; skirts, shorts, jeans, trousers - you can't go wrong.

Patterned Tights

Whilst it's still not quite warm enough to go out with bare legs, for me anyway, another way to jazz up an outfit is adding some patterned tights. No, I'm not talking about the £85 pair from Gucci (unless you can afford them of course). There are many high street brands that have brought out their own versions for a fraction of the price! They just add a little "zhuzh" to an outfit which I'm all for at the moment.

Dr Marten's

Spring, especially in the UK, is sort of known as our "rainy season" so a good pair of boots to splash through the puddles with is a must. I recently got a pair of Dr Marten's and I'm already in love. I was able to get a pair of the vegan boots which actually still feel really good quality. They are taking a while to wear in, mind, however that's to be expected with any Dr Marten shoe. I love how a black boot can add a bit edge or grunge to an outfit, my FAVE combo is a floral dress and black boot. They look stylish and are practical. Honestly, it's a win every time and you will see my Instagram filled with outfits like that!

Graphic Tee

This will come as no surprise; in fact, I do actually wear graphic tees all year round. But I feel like when the weather's warmer you can properly show them off. Matched with some high wasted mom jeans and some vans you have a really "cool" (eurgh I hate that word) outfit that doesn't take too much thought to put together.


You will not believe how excited I was when shackets became a thing. For my entire adult life, I have been obsessed with flannel shirts; I had quite the Jack Wills collection at uni (not sure how I managed to spread my maintenance loan that far but hey ho). And now you can get what looks like a flannel shirt but actually has the warmth of a jacket? Uhm, yes please! Most of Instagram seems to be pairing these with joggers but I also love them with high wasted jeans or pleather trousers. So many options!

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  1. All six of the outfits you styled with the key Spring outfit pieces look attractive.
    My favourite out of these six outfit pieces is the wonderfully feminine white dress with the embroidered eyelet ornamentation and frilly detail at the shoulders.
    You really rock the sweatshirt dress, and I love the patterned tights.
    You look beautiful modelling all six of these attractive outfits.
    Your eye-makeup and lipstick look gorgeous.