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Thursday, 19 March 2020

With the prospect of the city of London going on lockdown in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19; I'm here trying to keep some form of normality and talk about beauty. It may seem trivial; but in all honesty, I think an escape is important right now and it's actually been quite refreshing talking about something other than the coronavirus. So if, like me, you want to dive into something more makeup-ish then give this a read!

Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Nude Edition Eyeshadow Palette

In a world full to the brim of eyeshadow palettes there are certain brands that may get overlooked. I don't think I've ever used a Rimmel palette, or if I have it won't have been since my teens. With big names such as Morphe, Huda Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills taking most of the attention it can sometimes come as a shock that other brands can actually produce a good palette - especially a cheaper brand! This palette was actually a gift so of course I was intrigued to give it a go. With a swipe of my brush in the pan and onto the lid I was already impressed with what I saw. The pigment is sooooo good and so blendable. I got so many compliments on the look and people couldn't believe it was by Rimmel! I also really enjoy the colour scheme, it has shimmers and mattes in both cool and warm tones so something for everyone. Also, it's £9.99. You're welcome.

Morphe Translucent Brow Setting Gel

Now that I am letting my brows grow out in all their glory I need a setting gel that keeps them all in check; otherwise, we can have a serious situation on our hands. I was doing a small order on the Morphe website as they were doing a special discount, I knew my current brow gel was clogging up so for the price of £8 (before discount) I thought, why not give this one ago? Boy am I glad I did! This is one of the strongest gels I've used, once it's set my brows stay exactly where they're meant to from AM to PM. What I like most is the formula isn't too think so you can't see it crisping up on the hairs. It does the job without demanding attention for the wrong reasons. I'll definitely be buying again.

Clarins Lipliner in "Nude Mocha"

Yes; nude lipliner's may not be the most exciting thing on the planet BUT I have found a new favourite and thought I should share! Clarins lipliners have always been good, nice and creamy with good staying power, but it's the colour of this one that I'm obsessed with. It's the perfect 90's nude brown that, when used correctly, can give you a beautifully contoured full pout. I've never used this colour all over my lip; I enjoy pairing it with a lighter nude lipstick for an ombre effect that is great for giving you the lip filler look - without any injections needed!

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray

The first time I used this I actually wasn't the biggest fan, I finished the bottle because I paid for it so didn't want it to go to waste but never thought to repurchase. I'm not sure what made me give it another go, maybe it was every other beauty blogger raving about it on YouTube, either way, I bought myself another bottle and now I can't be without it. My initial reasons for not liking it was because of how intense the spray is; you come away completely drenched and it can be quite hard as it hits your face, but now it's why I love it! I have complicated skin when it comes to makeup; my skin is dry, however, it is prone to creasing as my face is very expressive so I do need to excessively powder certain areas. I find adding a couple of layers of this keeps my skin hydrated but also helps get rid of any cakiness if I get a bit carried away with my powders, whilst not taking away any of the powders "lock-in" abilities. One of my favourite things to do with it is spray it onto my face before blending my foundation for a more fresh, natural finish. Also, it smells good, now I'm done.

Lancome Idole Fragrance

We are on the cusp of Spring so it is time to shelve our spicier winter fragrances for something a bit more fresh. Enter Idole, one of the newest Lancome fragrances. You've probably seen it advertised as the campaign is fronted by the beautiful Zendaya. It's very different from other Lancome fragrances; La Vie Est Belle is very sweet and strong whereas Idole has a much cleaner scent. With ingredients such as Jasmine, Rose and Chypre it's the perfect smell to compliment your floral Spring wardrobe. I must also mention that the bottle is also refillable; great for the environment and also for your bank balance as your refill will have a discount from the original price. With all this sunshine and my new favourite perfume, I've never been more excited about the upcoming season (that's if we're allowed out of our houses by then).

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut & Macadamia Hair Mask

What do I love more than a hair mask? An affordable hair mask. Garnier has come out with a new range of masks to suit multiple hair needs and I am hooked! Doing a hair mask feels like the ultimate pamper and I'm probably doing them more often than I should but I just can't help myself. The Coconut & Macadamia mask is particularly for frizzy hair and it works wonders. Let me get the obvious comment out the way; it smells incredible, moving on. Throughout the years I have plied my hair with heat and dye so I can't really blame it for having PTSD, so it does mean it needs all the help it can get. I really like slathering it over my entire head and leaving it for half an hour whilst I'm in the bath. Add a face mask and you've got yourself the perfect at-home spa experience. I know it might seem like a lot of effort but I promise you, your hair will thank you for it. Besides this hair mask is so affordable it would be rude not to try!

Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner

I talk about this eyeliner all the time on my YouTube channel but don't think I've ever sung it's praises on here, well that's about to change! I've tried so many different liquid liners, both affordable and premium, but I swear I always come back to this one. It's funny because I actually got mine for free when I bought two items from Clinique and got a free gift, and it still works so well. It's more like a felt tip eyeliner which I, personally, find the easiest to use. The pigment is great and it lasts all day. I'm so impressed with this and would definitely spend my own money on it!

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