Outfit of the Day: Pretty Grunge

Sunday, 23 February 2020

One of my favourite past times living in London is wandering through streets filled with houses that I’ll never be able to afford. A girl can dream! This is probably one of my favourite outfits I’ve put together for a long time. If I could explain my style in one outfit; it would be this, something I would call “pretty grunge”. Chunky boots, which were in fact fresh Dr Marten’s that completely destroyed my feet, a t-shirt dress, checked shirt, pleather jacket and my Gucci bag! My favourite pieces mixed together. I also gave these tights their maiden voyage. I’m not usually a huge fan of obvious copies of designer pieces, but these tights were a fiver instead of the crazy price of £125! I love how cool they look and they didn’t break the bank, sorry Balenciaga but Missy Empire have won this round for me.

Dress - Nobody’s Child
Shirt - Nasty Gal
Jacket - Pretty Little Thing
Tights - Missy Empire
Boots - Dr Marten’s
Bag - Gucci

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Instagram: juliannagreen
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Twitter: @_juliannagreen

1 comment:

  1. You look very pretty.
    I especially like the looks of the pretty and airy white dress from Nobody's Child
    and of the tights from Missy Empire.
    The highlights in your hair, your hairstyle, your perfectly applied lipstick and your eye-makeup all look beautiful.

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