Outfit of the Day: Winter Wonderland (Again)

Sunday, 22 December 2019

It was time for my annual visit to my FAVE place, Winter Wonderland! I actually know quite a lot of people who hate it; and I can understand that, it's really busy and very expensive, but I just love how festive and Christmassy it is! Drinking mulled wine, eating food and going on the fairground rides is my jam (just make sure you go soon after payday so you have the appropriate funds). We had an extremely cold spell at this point, so, although I got my t-shirt out for the pics, I pretty much looked like the picture below the whole day. This teddy coat is an old one from Topshop and I'm so glad they're still a "thing" because they're so bloody warm. I also got this t-shirt last year from Missguided and it's one of my favourite purchases ever, The Coca Cola Christmas lorries bring me back to my childhood so it's extremely nostalgic for me. Oh, and I also must mention, boyfriend jeans are my new obsession!

Top - Missguided
Jeans & Belt - ASOS
Coat - Topshop
Bag - Gucci
Boots - ASOS
Scarf - New Look
Hat - ASOS

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