Outfit of the Day: Shirt Dress in Shoreditch

Sunday, 18 August 2019

If you want to look like you have your shit together whilst in actual fact not having your shit together at all; then a shirt dress is for you. Items of clothing that you can just wack on and don't have to think about are my favourites. The day was spent mooching around London, Shoreditch to be precise, and I wanted to embrace the "cool" vibe of the area with my new purchase. Although the dress itself is cord material it's actually quite thin, so not too hot and stuffy (although definitely could have done with an iron). Unless you're on the underground but that can't really be helped whatever you're wearing. I've also mused with the idea of wearing this as a thin jacket as well. Perfect for summer evenings. Safe to say this is an outfit I'm pretty chuffed about.

Dress - Nasty Gal
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Gucci
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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  1. I love the outfit styling of shirt-dresses. You look fabulous wearing that corded shirt-dress from Nasty Gal styled with the white Adidas trainers. The street art made a nice backdrop for your outfit photos.

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