Outfit of the Day: Going Commando

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Okay, don't be scared by the title! My use of the word "commando" was strictly in the military sense and not at all a reference to me not wearing underwear. Now that's cleared up; I must say that I am LOVING the military trend in fashion at the moment. I've probably mentioned many times before that I am not particularly "girly" when it comes to fashion; I much prefer more masculine shapes and grungy styles. I just feel like they represent me better. I also love monochromatic outfits, they are very simple but can look incredibly stylish. This day was spent out and about with friends; nothing too high key so I wanted to be comfortable. It was actually raining most of this day (yes it rains in June in the UK unfortunately) hence the chunky boots and faux leather jacket keeping me a bit warmer (and drier).

Top - Boohoo
Trousers - Nasty Gal
Jacket - H&M
Belt - Gucci
Boots - ASOS

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