Tattoo No. 2

Thursday, 21 March 2019

I had heard that very rarely can you stop with just one tattoo; I never fully comprehended just how obsessed I would become! Pretty much as soon as my first tattoo was healed I was already planning my second one. I discussed ideas with friends and browsed Pinterest for inspiration as always. Once I'd made a decision I booked myself in straight away. I thought it would make a nice Birthday gift, so, Happy Birthday to me!

As previously stated in my first tattoo blog post (read here) I want all my tattoos to represent strength and feminity. This tattoo is a classic mandala design, you've probably seen many tattoos like this before. I realise they are very popular, but you can't deny they are stunning! I love how delicate and intricate the designs are; I still can't quite believe how perfect they can look. 

The main focus of this design is the triple moon symbol in the centre, this is the pagan symbol of the goddess. If anything is going to be feminine it's a goddess symbol amiright? I loved what it symbolises but also the symmetry it provides the whole design. I knew I wanted this on my bicep as I've always been a fan of tattoos there, plus the overall shape of it fits perfectly.

I promise I'm not lying when I say it actuuualllly wasn't that painful. I honestly thought this would be horrific; as it's such a sensitive area and I'm particularly ticklish there I was preparing for the worst. But it really wasn't that bad! The worst part was when he had to some of the lines thicker/darker by going over some parts again. Otherwise, pretty smooth sailing. That being said I didn't get any shading which was a lot more painful on my leg so I can imagine it being a lot worse on the bicep.

It took about an hour and 45 minutes to complete. When I get there the artist had already drawn it up and I was very happy with the design so all that we had to do before getting started was to stencil it in place. Same as with my first tattoo; I emailed the artist with images that I liked and talked about specific things I wanted and he drew an original image from that.

I'm so so happy with how it turned out, it's currently a bit scabby because it's still healing but I'm excited to see what it's like when it's all done. So now the question is, what next?

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