Two Alternatives To Flying For Your Travel

Saturday, 5 January 2019
Travelling is a wonderful outlet that has become more and more accessible with every passing year thanks to advancements in technology. However, not everyone wants to use hundreds of planes to get around, some people like to get to know a country more intimately and others want to avoid having such a huge carbon footprint. Well, for those of you looking for alternatives to lots of plane journeys here are some suggestions for maneuvering around big countries.


Depending on where you are travelling and what your goals are, you might want to look into companies that are offering vehicle hire. This is especially useful for people who have taken one long plane journey to countries like Australia and would rather not see one again until they have to go home. At the start of your trip, a visit to the likes of Bayswater Car Rentals should set you on your way and you can get sightseeing from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Some of the pros of hiring a car include having total freedom to travel where and when you want. This type of relaxed approach to travelling should never be underestimated, especially in a country like Australia. You will get the chance to see a different side of the country because your route at times will be more scenic than if you travelled via a different method. You can also stop wherever you want and that means taking the journey at your own pace but also capturing unique moments that will leave an imprint on your memory which you otherwise not have attained.

Australia isn’t the only country that is made for driving. The United States has plenty of famous journeys such as Route 66. In fact, countries that have many different regions to visit are good for driving and might be best for travellers who are looking to explore the undiscovered part of tourism.


In a similar way to the car, a train journey will take you through some of the more scenic parts of countries and regions. But some might find a train to be more convenient, in part due to to the lack of risk. A train may get delayed but a car can breakdown in the middle of nowhere and these things are important, especially in countries where you don’t speak the local language.

For train enthusiasts, you might want to consider exploring parts of the world that offer specialised train tickets like in Europe. Due to the relationship between the majority of European countries, you are able to travel between them with relative ease via their train network. That means boarding a train in Paris in the morning after your croissant and coffee and putting your feet up in Amsterdam in the evening.

There are also much bigger journeys for train fans to commit to that have an iconic status. Trips such as the Trans-Siberian Railway that departs from Moscow and makes its way down to China with options to stop in Mongolia and other Asian countries.


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