Obsessed: Babyliss Curling Wand

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Huge 80's vibes with this hairstyle but I kinda love it! The Babyliss Tight Curl wand is perfect for creating this huge head of curls and it's only £21.95. What I love about this hairstyle is it lasts for dayyyss. Just spritz a bit of dry shampoo on it in the morning and you're good to go.

Although it may look like it, it actually doesn't take very long to do. Because the wand is so thin it heats up very quickly and you only need to hold the strand of hair on it for 5-10 seconds. My hair is only shoulder length at the moment so overall it can take me around 15/20 minutes. Obviously, if your hair is longer it will take more time.

Having shorter hair there's only a certain amount I can do with it; I'm not a hair stylist pro either so I don't have to skills or the steady hands to pull off anything too creative. But something like this is right up my street. It's easy to do, gives hair a lot of volume and I think it looks great!

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  1. Your hairstyle came out looking very pretty using the Babyliss curling wand.
    I also like your makeup and the polka-dotted blouse you were wearing in these photos.
    You have beautiful eyes.