Handbag Trends That Won’t Budge

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Every season new trends are unleashed when it comes to the world of fashion. However, there are some trends that seem to stand the test of time and won’t go away (not that we want them to!). So, let’s take a look at some handbag trends that won’t budge…

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When it comes to the colder months we are often tempted to stick to black and shades of grey. However, purple offers you a beautiful way of spicing things up. There are many rich and inviting shades that are filled to the brim with personality. Your handbag will be appropriate for the upcoming months, yet it certainly won’t be boring. Look for shades of wine and plum to really emulate this stylish trend to full effect. With a purple handbag by your side, you can expect the compliments to start rolling in.


The satchel is a style of bag that has been popular for a while now. However, there are very few signs that this is something that is going to slow down if anything this trend is set to hit fever pitch. Women all over Britain have fallen in love with the sophisticated and studious vibe of this handbag trend. Nevertheless, this is certainly not a bag that is rigid and consequently restricted to office wear. A satchel offers an effective way of making your every day look more quirky. Team this bag with a pair of skinny jeans, a buttoned up shirt, a statement necklace, a pair of biker boots and an oversized blazer if you want to rock this casual but cool look to full effect.

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Studs are taking over the fashion world at the moment. From clothing to shoes, to indeed handbags; they are everywhere. The great thing about this trend is that it can be used to emulate a wealth of different looks. A lot of studded handbags generate the popular edgy and biker feel that is popular in the UK at present. However, check out Fifth Collection Louis Vuitton, as you can always go down the glamorous route as well. The options are endless!

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Oversized Bags

It is definitely a case of "the bigger the better" for bags. Your handbag is your statement accessory. It needs to capture all of the attention and dictate the overall vibe of your outfit. How are you supposed to achieve this if you go for a bag which is small in size? Don’t shy away from the impact of this accessory with dainty styles and small sizes. Moreover, it is worth taking into account the fact that this trend is actually much more beneficial for you in terms of practicality. After all, most women do carry everything bar the kitchen sink in their everyday bag!


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