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Sunday, 30 December 2018

If last year was all about individuality and a tend towards the more natural look, this year it’s all change again as the coming 12 months look forward to a shake-up in make-up.

You’ve probably spotted the coming trends thanks to savvy beauty bloggers or by following your favourite Instagram stars but if you’re not sure what’s coming up in the world of cosmetics, take a look at our compact guide to some surprising makeup trends that might have slipped under your beauty radar.


Lipstick shade trends are as varied as well lipstick shades themselves, but this year we’re talking bold. Really bold as an antidote to the previous natural incarnations. Experiment with strong colours, whatever your skin-tone you’ll find a shade that makes lips pop with attitude. Lose the gloss though, this season it’s all about matte colouring.


Where shellac and gels have previously been the go-to for nail style, the new kid on the block is powder-dipped nails. No chipping, easy to remove and tough, they can last for up to six weeks. What’s not to love?


As a quick aside, hair is also veering towards the more dramatic with beautiful hair tints taking centre stage (think lilac).  The world of beauty is also embracing the more mature look too, so if you’re feeling confident about your greys, then you’re in luck, as natural silver becomes this season’s colour of choice. Wear those grey hairs with pride.

If you don’t have the silver fox look just yet there are some stunning silver dyes out there to give you that ethereal style and are available at every budget. However, if you’re trying to defy the ageing process, then keep on dyeing and consider the services of Dr Tavakoli to help boost body confidence.

Rainbow palette

If you’re feeling particularly bold then the rainbow look of eye shadows and blush made quite an impression last year and had everyone talking. Perfect when you need to stand out in a crowd but choose your colours carefully and do your research online so you know which colours are going to work best for you and which are going to match the season’s trends.


Just that. We saw it everywhere on the catwalk and all over the faces of the best dressed, most fashion savvy figures in town. Buy coral, wear coral and you’ll have embraced this year’s must-have tone.
Thankfully this colour is fairly versatile and variations in clothes and cosmetics can be found for most skin colours and body shapes, so think coral and let your imagination run wild.

Ready to be bolder and brighter than ever before? Over the next year, that’s exactly the message from stylists and the fashion industry. Lose the natural downplayed look and reinvent yourself with bold colours both in make-up but also hair and design.

Explode your colour palette and embrace a new era of fun, exciting fashion forward ideas and make this year your brightest yet!


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  1. All three of the shades of perfectly applied lipstick you were wearing in the photos above look beautiful, and your hair looks gorgeous! I love the colours in the Rainbow eyeshadow palette.
    I haven't purchased any new outfit pieces in 'Living Coral' yet but suspect that I will sometime this year.
    Best wishes for a very happy and colourful year!