Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Coconut oil is something that’s been getting a lot of press in recent years - and for good reason. It’s one of the most diverse products available, is reasonably priced (especially for all that it does), and is available to buy pretty much anywhere.

Not only does it smell amazing and has the ability to transport you to a beach in the tropics somewhere in an instant, but it offers an array of health benefits simply by using it as a replacement for many of the things you already use on a daily basis.

So, in this post, I'm going to share with you just some of the amazing uses for coconut oil.


Especially if you suffer from any kind of dry or irritated skin, then coconut oil can seem like a complete saviour. The best time for using coconut oil is straight after a bath or shower. You should make sure your body has been patted dry with a towel - not completely dry, but also not wet, as this keeps the oil on the surface, and you need the oil to absorb. Not only will it create an immediate soothing effect on the skin and feel lush when you’re applying it, but it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth for days and it contains no harsh chemicals like traditional moisturisers do.


As with skin care, coconut oil makes a great hair product and can be used as a luxury hair conditioner. You do have to be careful with this because it’s extremely greasy, so make sure you take safety measures in the shower or bath and that you don’t slip by washing it all away before moving around. The other thing is once you apply it to your hair, you should leave it on - depending on how dry your hair is, this can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. Some people even prefer to leave it overnight wrapped in a towel. Then wash it out thoroughly using plenty of shampoo and your regular conditioner. It’s important to make sure it’s all out because otherwise your hair will be extremely greasy. Not sure about you but that's not the look I'm going for. 


Coconut oil contains amazing anti-bacterial properties, so it’s a fabulous product to use as a mouthwash or even for things like oil pulling, which is a technique used to clear out bacteria from the mouth and body, and coconut oil is recommended as the best oil to use for this. So, if you don’t using mouthwash because of the chemicals, then coconut oil is a great natural alternative, and it’s been shown to keep the mouth feeling cleaner and even whiten the teeth.


Since coconut oil is so soothing on the skin, it makes a great after sun treatment - especially if it’s been kept in the fridge or at least at room temperature and not been allowed to melt. However, it’s very important to remember that, despite what some people may claim, it’s never okay to use coconut oil as a sunscreen - especially if you have fair skin, you shouldn’t apply it before going in the sun as you will suffer bad burns as a result.

There's really nothing bad to say about it; it's so easy to get your hands on, not mixed with any harsh ingredients and can make such a difference!

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