6 Things To Consider Before Booking A Trip To Scotland

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Although I have Scottish heritage I'm sad to say I haven't visited there in a long time. With so many gorgeous places and incredible things to see, booking a trip to Scotland can be hard work if you haven’t worked out all of the ins and outs beforehand. Whilst it may be incredibly exciting, ensuring you have all of the information you need beforehand is the best way to ensure your trip to Scotland is foolproof and as enjoyable as it can be.

With that in mind, here are 6 things to consider before booking a trip to Scotland:

What Is Your Budget?

Before planning any holiday you need to work out what your overall budget is for transport, accommodation, spending money and any contingency funds you may need. Once you have worked this out you’ll be able to create a detailed plan based on what you can afford, ensuring you don’t go over budget before you’ve even booked your flights.  

When Do You Want To Go?

Working out the time period in which you want to go will heavily influence your trip as your activities and routes may change depending on the weather. If you can’t choose exact dates, to begin with, try looking at several different time periods to see which one best suits your budget.

How Long Do You Want To Go For?

Once you know how much you can spend and when you want to go, you can start to work out how long you’re going to visit for. Often when visiting Scotland people will travel across a couple of different parts of the country over a span of a few weeks, however, if you’re visiting a city you may only want to visit for a couple of days

Have You Done Your Research?

Doing research before any trip is essential as it will allow you to make the best possible decisions when it comes to places to visit, where to stay and experiences you have to try. The best way to do this is to read travel blogs, visit Pinterest and scroll Instagram hashtags for the destination you’re visiting. You’ll soon have an idea of where you want to go!

Where Do You Want To Go?

Once you’ve done your research you’ll be able to write down a list of all the places you want to go - whether this is a road trip throughout Scotland or a detailed itinerary of places to visit in one of its incredible cities. You will feel so much more organised if you know where you’re going to be going well in advance.

What Hotels Will You Be Staying At?

Depending on the type of trip you have booked, you may need to stay at several different hotels throughout your visit to Scotland. Make sure you research these to the best of your ability, as you’ll make to sure they’re suited to your exact needs. For example, if you’re travelling with your dog you’re going to need dog-friendly hotels.

Are you planning a trip to Scotland? Let me know what your plans are in the comment section below.

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