Need a Break? Here's Some Great Weekend Ideas

Wednesday, 12 December 2018
Everyone loves a great weekend - but a relaxing one is so much better. Just chilling out on the couch and watching Netflix gets a bit old, though, and it’s certainly not guaranteed that you’ll feel all rejuvenated when you’re back in the office on Monday.

Staying at home and doing the same old things isn’t always what we need, in other words, but you can still enjoy a relaxing weekend somewhere else. If you’d like to get out and about without spending that reserve of energy you’ve been carefully saving for another occasion, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is a handful of tips in terms of enjoying a relaxing weekend with your friends or your SO so that you can get back to work on Monday, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated - and still have something to talk about.

Go for a Yoga Weekend

It doesn’t matter if you’re into yoga or not; yoga retreats are found all over the country and they are open for both beginners and advanced yogis. The great thing about treating yourself to a weekend like this is that you’ll get your weekly dose of exercise over with while still being able to relax.

Go all out and enjoy a large glass of carrot juice or one of those green smoothies that everyone pretends to like, wake up at dawn to meditate with the others, and eat foods that are good for your body; you’ll feel like you’re living somebody else’s life for a weekend and it will feel great when you’re back to the real world again.

You can have a look at this article to check out the different yoga retreats across the country and see if you’re able to find one nearby you at a reasonable price.

Go for a Spa Weekend

What’s better than exercise and meditation? A weekend at a wonderful spa, of course. This is the kind of treat you should try to indulge in once a year, if you’re able to, and not because it’s so good for your health and wellbeing and so on, but simply because it feels so good.

The only problem with this kind of indulgent weekend is that it tends to cost a lot of money. It’s a good idea to have a look around the web long before you intend to head off and try to book yourself a weekend during the low-season such as during spring and autumn.

Start by having a look for a hotel in Bath city centre, for example, if you’d like to enjoy a royal treatment and you might be able to get a decent price if you start searching for this as early as possible. It’s definitely worth both the wait and the money, though, but you may return to work at Monday feeling a bit too spoiled for your own good.

Relaxing weekend ideas that go beyond your own four walls can be hard to come by but, if you just use the web for inspiration, you should be able to find something that works for you. Treat yourself to a simple getaway cottage somewhere in nature, for example, if you’re a bit skint after the holidays; sometimes, all you need is to relax somewhere else than just at home.


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