How to Look Your Best on a Winter Sun Getaway

Monday, 24 December 2018

There’s much to love about taking a trip to a sunny climate during the winter. After what feels like months of dark and miserable weather, you can, in a few hours, find yourself standing under a brilliant blue sky, with your old friend - Mr Sun - shining down on you. It’s the perfect way to remedy the blues of winter and remind yourself that hey, it is a beautiful world after all. But after so long spent indoors, comfort eating and binge-watching Netflix, it’s true that we’re not always as prepared to be under the bright lights as we could be. So a little planning is in order. Below, we take a look at four ways you can ensure you’re looking your dazzling best when you're away in the sunshine this winter.

Hit the Gym

Listen, I know this is coming from the laziest person in the world; but I have recently have got into going to the gym and I'm definitely feeling the benefits. Most people start the process of getting themselves ready for those long days on the beach during springtime, but it’s all going to come a little earlier for you this year. In the weeks in the run-up to your trip, look at cranking up the intensity of your workout routines. You need to do something to get rid of those warming autumn meals, which are lovely at the time, less lovely when you’re due to be on the beach in the near future. I'm not saying you need to be stick thin, I'm certainly not, it's just about making sure you're as fit and healthy as you can be. You’ll be thankful for your efforts when you’re in your bikini!

Refresh the Wardrobe

You won’t have been thinking about your summer wardrobe recently. We’ve all been snuggled up in thick coats, scarves, and multiple layers. Well, not for long. You’re soon going to have a need for those awesome summer outfits! So look at adding a new item or two. You can look your radiant best while you’re away by shopping for a summer dress at Petal & Pup - they’re perfect for those casual evenings spent with a cocktail in your hand. You’ll also want to look at bringing out the accessories, which can make any outfit come to life. I can't resist to add a couple of new pieces to my holiday wardrobe, and it only has to be "a couple" as well you don't need to go overboard. I know right, coming from me?!

Be Sun Safe

The problem that many of us have when we finally find ourselves in the sunshine is that we get overexcited. Because it has been some time since we’ve felt the warmth of the rays, we go a bit crazy - and then end up way overdoing it! I am definitely one of those people *face palm*. If you want to look your best while you’re away and after you return, then you need to stay safe sun. Your skin is not used to the power of the sun. Make sure you’re avoiding sunlight during the hottest parts of the day, and always wear suntan lotion. To get an even, healthy tan, you should slowly increase the amount of time you spend sunbathing. Begin with fifteen minutes, and work your way up.

Avoiding Late Nights

Finally, remember that those late nights will catch up with you after a while! Try to keep things civil, and get to bed at a reasonable hour. If you do start out a little later than usual, make sure you’re giving your skin a chance to recover by drinking plenty of water.


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