One Coat, Three Styles

Tuesday, 30 October 2018
It's official, my £30 Primark coat is my FAVE purchase this Autumn. Not only cheap but incredibly easy to style; I've only had it a few months and I've already got so much wear out of it! Primark has really come through with their coat selection this season. They may not keep you amazingly warm but being priced between £25/30 I can't complain really.

Outfit 1

This was my super casual look; so casual I wasn't even wearing any make up *gasps*. Adding this coat to ripped jeans and a hoodie made this outfit look a lot more "put together" than it actually was!

Outfit 2

You may recognise these next pictures from a previous post. I took this coat away with me to Vienna to use in the evenings. This was my "jeans and a nice top" outfit; by adding this coat to an otherwise monochrome outfit, it makes the coat the statement piece rather than just an extra layer.

Outfit 3

This was my dressier outfit; you see how the coat now looks a lot more chic than it does in the first outfit. The difference a nice LBD can make to a whole look! Also, thanks to the length of the coat it did a good job of keeping my legs warm. 

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