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Thursday, 19 July 2018

I've said it in many posts before; my hair is high maintenance. Possibly because I've been dying, bleaching, straightening and curling it for the last 10 years. Or maybe it just likes a bit more attention. I try to convince myself of the latter. Because of this I can't just get away with just the classic shampoo and conditioner combo, oh no, we need lots more products than that. Currently my hair is short and bleached with a grey toner on it, so it really needs some TLC to keep it in good condition. There are other styling products I use, such as curl definers or volume sprays, but below are the products that I use to keep my hair in good nick...

Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner

I know this stuff is a bit pricier BUT it is diviiiiine. My hair feels so soft after I've used it, plus I love the scent. You also don't need as much as it lathers up quite a lot so it does take me longer to get through a bottle. I seriously love this combo.

Evo Fabuloso Conditioner

I've been using this since I first got my hair bleached and I think I'm on my fourth bottle. I only use this about once a week and I'll leave it on my hair for around 20 minutes and any yellow tones will be gone! I wouldn't recommend leaving it on longer than 20 minutes, unless you want a purple tinge to your hair.

Maui Coconut Mist

I only recently started using this as I took it with me on holiday but I'm already in love! It smells incredible. Like a pina colada. I find it helps give my hair a bit more moisture. Especially during these summer months when my hair is exposed to the sun as well as everything else I throw at it.

The Body Shop Oil

If I want to give my hair a real pamper then I completely slather this on and leave it for 5 minutes before I shower. This step may not be necessary for everyone and I only do it maybe once a week but I just love how my hair feels afterwards.

OUAI Memory Mist

So earlier I said that I wasn't going to mention any styling products but I thought I would just talk about the OUAI Memory Mist as a heat protectant. There's no point me putting all these oils and mists on my hair if I'm going to then frazzle it with straighteners or curlers. It also helps hold the style in for longer which is a massive plus for me, especially when it's this humid where my hair tries its very very hardest to become a lions mane!

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