The Best & The Worst: Primark Make Up

Sunday, 18 February 2018

There has been a massive trend recently for people to try out Primark make up and not one to want to be left out of things and also a genuine curiosity made me give the make up a go as well. I've always loved Primark; even though it's not the best quality in the world, it's so affordable and they definitely do some really cute pieces. I especially love their homeware and accessories. The total make up bundle I purchased came to around £30 and I got 13 items - not bad really! In this post I will go through which products worked for me and which ones really really didn't; I have to say though, overall, I was very impressed.


My Perfect Colour Foundation in "Nude", £3

Before I go into the foundation I have to point out that, although the foundation range was good, the actual colour selection was pretty poor. I can't remember seeing more than maybe 6 shades which isn't exactly "diverse". The foundation I got wasn't the one I wanted to try originally but the colour I wanted wasn't available in the other type of foundation, so I had to settle for the My Perfect Colour Matte Foundation in "Nude". I don't always go for matte foundations because of my dry skin, however in this instance I didn't really have a choice! That being said; I really like this foundation. The coverage was maybe sheer to medium, which is fine for me, and the colour was actually pretty perfect - luckily. It didn't feel too thick or heavy on the skin, it blended nicely and had a really nice finish. Also, it cost £3. A thumbs up from me.

Insta Girl Rice Powder, £4

The powder was so fine it felt so light on the skin and didn't dry me out at all. It also set everything really well and took away any shine. It contains 25g of product; 4g less than my favourite Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder which would set you back about £29. Interesting. 

Chocolate Cheek Palette, £4

I wasn't overly excited about this palette, but it wasn't bad either. The blushes were a bit too dark for my skin tone so I didn't try them, but the bronzer colour was really nice and it blended well. The highlighter was quite glittery so wasn't very smooth on the skin but it did look pretty when it caught the light. If you're on a budget then I definitely think this would be a good purchase. However, for me, I just know I have other products I prefer so probably won't be reaching for this that much.

Blush in "Adored", £1.50

This blush is VERY pigmented so handle with care. I got the shade "Adored" and I really like it. It does blend easily which is fab because the first time I used it I didn't quite realise how pigmented it was so maybe applied too much. But once blended out it looked really pretty. I will definitley be using this in the future.

Brow Pencil in "Dark Brown", £1

There's not much I can say about the brow pencil. It's a brow pencil! It was very pigmented so apply with a light hand, but there is a spoolie on the other end so even if you go a bit overboard you can blend it out perfectly. I got the colour "Dark Brown" which is every so slightly too dark for me but I can make it work for £1.

Liquid Liner, £1

I was super impressed with this liquid eyeliner! Although it's not my favourite kind of applicator as I'm not very talented with that kind of brush; it was sooo pigmented and intense on the lid. More so than many other liquid eyeliners I've tried. For £1, I'm sold.

False Eyelashes in "Sultry", £1

I liked these eyelashes, but I did come across an issue. As I was pulling the lash off of the packaging one of the lashes came off! I knew they looked quite dainty so I made sure I was very careful when handling them but I didn't think part of the lash would fall off. Although that was quite disappointing I still tried the lashes on and I have to say, they were probably the easiest lashes I have ever applied and I loved how they looked on. For £1 I may be able to forgive my little mishap.

Get Lippy Kit in "Flutter", £3

I loved these lip products! The lip liner was very pigmented and the liquid lipstick was extremely light weight on the lips and intensely coloured without being drying. It was however a slightly different colour to the packaging so beware of that.

Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in "08 Kiki", £2

I couldn't believe how pigmented this was! The colour was so rich it was beautiful on the lips. A bit of a heavier formula than the other liquid lipstick but it still didn't feel too thick or dry. It does dry down quite quickly so there's not a lot of play time to get the application right.


PHr Hydrating Concealer, £2

This concealer did not work for me. I need pretty full coverage to cover my dark circles and this definitely was not. It felt nice and hydrating and blended really well so if you're not looking for full coverage then this might be okay for you. For me however, nope. 

Gold Rush Eyeshadow Palette, £4

This fell pretty flat for me; out of all the colours in this palette only one of them actually showed any pigment. The rest were just a bit "meh". I know it's only £4 but you can get better eyeshadow palettes for a decent price. I wouldn't recommend this.

Amplif-Eyed Mascara, £2

Another flop for me. I chose this mascara because I liked the look of the brush and although it gave a lot of volume, it just clumped all my lashes together and made them look all spidery. Not a fan of that look.

Overall I'm very impressed with Primark make up. There are definitely a few areas they need to work on but I think if you are on a budget you should definitely give some of these products a go!

To see these products in action take a look at my YouTube video below:

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