My Decision to Change My Career

Thursday, 9 November 2017

With my one year anniversary of starting my new job coming up; I thought I'd share with you the decision making process of why I needed to start a new chapter in my life!

It definitely wasn't hard to realise that I wasn't happy with the career I was in. I was very aware that I was becoming stressed and feeling very low with my job. Before I say any more I do want to point out; I have so much respect for people who work in childcare. It is definitely not easy! That being said; I love children, always have, always will. I have met some amazing children, parents and co workers at all the nurseries I've worked that I will honestly never forget and I believe it was the children and my colleagues that kept me there so long. And you never know; I may find myself back in childcare someday when I am in a different point in my life!

When I left the first nursery I worked at I think in my head I was hoping that I would be able to try something different. However, unfortunately things don't always work out the way you hope. When Sam & I came back from travelling I had £2 to my name. The only experience I had was working with children and I couldn't really afford to spend months looking for a job in a different industry. So, with that in mind, I applied to a nursery and was offered the job before I even got home from my interview.

At first I enjoyed being back in a nursery, the staff and children were great and it was a really nice setting. As time went by I think the realisation of why I was so happy to leave my first nursery started to sink in and after about 6 months I knew that childcare was no longer something I wanted to do. It wasn't fair on myself, the children or the staff for me to stay at a job that I wasn't enjoying anymore. I thought for so long about what I wanted to do, every time I got a cuddle from one of my adorable key children, had a lovely chat with a parent or a laugh with my colleagues I did backtrack and think, is this really that bad? But however much I loved the people and children there, my heart was no longer in it.

Make up was something that I'd always been passionate about and enjoyed using. It was only after my friend had done a make up course and got a job with MAC did I realise it was actually something that I could try. Of course I had to pay for my course, but I hoped that it would all be worth it. Even if it didn't result in a new career I was still learning something new - which is never a bad thing! I did my course in April 2016 and got my new job in November 2016. Yes, it took me a whole 7 months to get a new job and that was not through lack of trying. What I should mention is the fact that the job I got was from the first interview I went to! I applied for so many jobs that year and never even heard back from 99% of them. Even though I had my qualification it was my experience that let me down. I kept going and finally I was given a chance! Unfortunately some things don't happen over night but when they do, you definitely appreciate them. I'm so happy with my decision and have never looked back since!

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