Exciting News: I'm Starting a Youtube Channel!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Yes I've finally decided to give Youtube a go! Considering I spend a lot of my free time watching Youtube videos I thought that I may as well try it myself. As a type this I have filmed 4 videos so far and to be very honest -  I really enjoy it! They don't have the highest production value, and for some reason in my first couple of videos I'm talking very quietly (soz) but I'm really happy with how they came out. I also had never used iMovie before in my life so it definitely took me a while to figure it out but I go there in the end.

I thought I would feature my "20 Facts About Me" video in this blog as it's going to be one of my first uploads; but also I realise I've not ever really given you a lot of personal information about me and thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me a bit better! (also sorry for playing with my hair so much it was definitely a nervous thing I was doing)

Watch below!

If you are a fan of my blog then please give my Youtube channel a watch and if you do like it then I would love it if you subscribed and like my videos. If you have any requests or comments also leave them in the comment section; it's always good to get feedback and it a learning process for me so any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

I hope you all really enjoy my channel, thank you so much for all your reads and follows so far - to the next chapter in my online journey!

YouTube: Julianna Green
Instagram: juliannagreen
Snapchat: juliannagreen
Twitter: @_juliannagreen

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