My Favourite Things About Autumn

Friday, 27 October 2017

I think in England we're actually quite lucky as we're one of the few places in the world that gets to experience four seasons. For once our summer has actually been pretty decent, ignoring August of course; it's always rubbish, no change there! Anyway. The reason I like experiencing seasons is because once we approach the end of one season I'm so done with it and ready for the next. Remember I wrote at the beginning of summer how much I loved the sunshine and being able to do all sorts outside. Now I'm over the sweat and uncomfortable heat. I need Autumn NOW. Here are some of the things I love about Autumn...

Weather Getting Colder

Living in England you can't hate the cold and wet weather. If you do, you're living in the wrong country! Don't get me wrong, if I'm out and about I'd rather it didn't rain but I kind of love it when I'm snuggled in my warm bed, watching TV with candles lit and you can hear the rain hammering down outside. It makes me feel so warm and cosy, I find the sound very relaxing when trying to fall asleep.

Autumn Wardrobe

Being able to start layering up again after months of wearing as little as socially acceptable is actually quite a relief. I can dust off my boot collection and revisit my jeans drawer. I also love being able to get my warm winter coats and scarves out of hiding and wrap up warm. I'm a bit obsessed with coat (see here) so I'm very excited to show mine a bit of love again.


I wouldn't say I necessarily celebrate Halloween; I never really went trick or treating as a child, but I love being able to go out and dress up. Not in a "Mean Girls" kinda way either, when I dress up for Halloween there is normally a lot of fake blood involved. In the past wherever I've gone out, whether it be a club or event, they always put in a lot of effort with decorations and I love seeing what other people have dressed up as too. So much fun!

Bonfire Night

This is a celebration that the rest of the world have trouble getting their head round. If you're not sure what Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night is, google it. I love a good firework display, I always tend to get a tad emotional when watching them. Is that just me? Standing in the cold might not appeal to some but that's what the bonfire's for!


There is something so beautiful about Autumnal scenery; burnt orange, rust red and berry purple are some of my favourite colours. Being able to see such pretty colours when walking down the street really encapsulates the changing of the seasons and I love incorporating those colours into my wardrobe and make up. I could look at them all day!

Hocus Pocus

I have already watched this film twice. It really gets me into the Autumn spirit every time I put this on; this is such a big film from my childhood with many memorable quotes and characters. The setting is beautiful and Bette Midler is fantastic!

Pumpkin Spice Late

If Autumn was a drink, this would be it. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger it literally tastes like Hocus Pocus - literally! (not literally). It's delicious and a great way to warm you up in the colder temperatures. If you haven't tried this then I implore you to get yourself to your nearest Starbucks and taste the magic.

Pumpkin Carving

I haven't done this in so long but I love it! Not to blow my own trumpet or anything but I have carved some seriously decent pumpkins in the past and they make really cute decoration around the house for this time of year. My favourite character to carve is Jack Skellington, easy to do and looks really cool!

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