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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

With Sky Box Sets, Netflix and Amazon Prime, television shows have become the new obsession with many film actors taking up leading roles. I've got to say the quality of television programmes has improved dramatically over the years and to be honest I do spend a lot of time binge watching. These networks have made it so easy with not having to move even a muscle to watch the next episode. They're not stupid! With so much on offer it can be overwhelming and difficult to make a choice. Here are current television series that I have enjoyed watching...

Game of Thrones

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Yes, this is probably an obvious one. But holy moly this is probably my favourite series of all time. Everything about it, down to the cast, the costume and the twists and turns completely hooks you and I'm always a little sad whenever a season ends. Don't get me wrong, there a couple of seasons (4 and 5 I'm looking at you) that were a bit below par but, that being said, the epic-ness of other seasons astronomically outweighs them.

The Walking Dead

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This is a series that I actually stopped watching beginning of season 4; I got a little bored to be honest and gave up for a couple of years. It was only when a friend talked about how amazing season 6 was that I decided to power through and give it another go. My friend was not wrong! There are definitely some boring episodes but watching the characters trying to survive zombies whilst also out smarting each other is really gripping.

American Horror Story

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I love the premise of AHS, each season is its own mini series with different stories and characters but the same actors and visual style. As a fan of horror I really enjoy this show. It's not massively scary, I mean I can watch it at night when I'm home alone which is saying a lot. But it can definitely creep you out and it can be extremely gory at times.

13 Reasons Why

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I watched the entire first season in 3 days. Need I say more?

Stranger Things

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The cast are fantastic and the story is brilliant, a bit jumpy here and there just to warn you. But, again, I think this was watched within a few days. I'm also completely in love with the 80's soundtrack.

The Great British Bake Off

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We were all a bit concerned when the BBC sold this to Channel 4, but apart from the change of a couple of presenters and one judge, the show is still the one we all love and adore. Phew. Who knew watching people bake would be so entertaining? Some of the creations are completely mouthwatering, I have never craved cake so much!


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The first season is definitely my favourite. I feel with season 2 and 3 I was watching it because I felt I needed to. I still love the characters and the love story between Ross and Demelza. But if you feel you can't commit to 3 seasons catch up, then I would just stick to season 1.

Black Mirror

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Each episode blows my mind. They are all so clever and intricately thought out. I can't quite believe these episodes have come out of someone's head. It is definitely not "light" viewing so make sure you are paying attention, however they are so gripping I'm sure you wouldn't find that difficult anyway.


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Idris Elba is fantastic as the lead. This is a bit grittier and ever so slightly darker than your average detective show. The criminals are a little bit twisted which makes for very interesting viewing.


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Atypical is a really good one if you don't want to commit to multiple seasons. It's available on Netflix and so far there is only one season with 8 episodes running at around 38 minutes. It's funny, charming, emotional and heart warming. Thoroughly enjoyable. 

The following series have either finished or I've stopped watching them but they are still available and definitely worth it...

Grey's Anatomy

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I feel that this is the show I grew up with. I stopped watching it around season 9 but seasons 1-6 were such great viewing. It had the ability to make my stomach hurt from laughing so much and then making me sob uncontrollably within a single episode. I don't know if I'd ever want to be treated at the hospital as a lot of bad things happen there; but as a viewer its perfect. Also Christina Yang is one of my favourite fictional characters ever.

Breaking Bad

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This show makes you realise how lucky we are in the UK to have the NHS! Clever, funny, dramatic, the acting is incredible. Seriously if you haven't watched this yet then you are missing out!

Making a Murderer

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Another series that was watched within a few days and has divided opinion as to whether Stephen Avery is innocent or guilty. Watch it yourself and see what you think!

Sons of Anarchy

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Similar to a couple of other programmes in this post; the first few seasons were amazing and the last 2 were...okay. That being said, I loved the setting and how cool the characters are and the first few seasons are seriously good so it is definitely worth it.

The Vampire Diaries

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Again, I think I stopped watching at season 5 maybe? I basically watched it for the Elena, Damon, Stefan love triangle and I did rather enjoy some of the baddies they were up against. It's pretty easy viewing; you don't have to think too hard about what's going on - perfect for binging!

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