Review: Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection

Monday, 11 September 2017

I'm sorry but how frickin' cute is this? I'm not normally a fan of pink eyeshadows, not being a very girly girl myself; however I am a fan of Kylie Cosmetics palettes I thought maybe it was time to add some pink to my collection. I'm also in love with anything in miniature form and, although I've tried a lot of Kylie's products, I'd never used a velvet liquid lipstick of hers so I was very excited to see how they worked on me. 

If there's one thing that Kylie gets spot on every time, it's the packaging. Every collection has had unique packaging and it's always looked so pretty! I LOVE the sparkly case for the palette and all the love hearts on the inside look so cute. It makes such a statement in my palette collection and I live for it!

The colours in the eyeshadow palette are gorgeous, you'll be able to create an array of different looks with these colours. You could keep it quite neutral or go really vibrant with a mix of mattes and shimmers. I thought the eyeshadows were very pigmented and blended beautifully on the eyelids. I did however find the brighter colours, such as the bright pink "The New Black" lost a little bit of their intensity when I blended them so I did have to layer it a little bit to get the full impact of the colour. I also found the shimmers didn't have great pay off when used with a brush; however dabbing it on with my finger or wetting the brush first with a setting spray worked so much better and after that the shimmers looked really pretty.

I've really enjoyed the blushes and highlighters I've used from Kylie Cosmetics so far; bearing in mind I haven't actually tried ANY of the single blushes or Kylighters that she's released, I'm aware they've had mixed reviews! Whether the formula has changed or if they just work better on my skin than the people who didn't like them I don't know. That being said I think this highlighter in particular is really pretty. Both the blush and highlighter are very pink which, as I said earlier, are not normally the colours I reach for but I did like how they looked on me. They both blended nicely and looked smooth on the skin instead of patchy. I guess it's okay to embrace the pink sometimes!

These are just adorable. I'm quite open to wearing all sorts of lip colours (for example, bright blue) so this collection really speaks to me. If I was just a nude lip colour lover I wouldn't really see the point in buying the entire set as you'd only get use out of half of them. I understand the idea behind doing sets but I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. The formula however I do like, it really reminds me of the NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks which I'm also a big fan of. They didn't feel too gloopy and the pigmentation was there. Big thumbs up from me!

From left to right: LA, Party Girl, Birthday Suit, Sprinkle, Commando, Surprise Me

The palette cost $54 (around £42) and the velvet minis cost $36 (around £28). I've always found Kylie Cosmetics to be quite reasonably priced. When I say that I mean I, personally, don't mind spending that kind of money. Are these products one of a kind and necessary to everyone's make up collection? No. Could you get similar products at a cheaper price point? Most likely. The point I'm making is they are nice products and if you're happy spending the money (and paying the customs charge which I mention all the time if you live outside the USA) then I say go for it. But don't feel like you're missing out and have to buy them just because they're by Kylie Jenner. I just have a very bad make up addiction!

Products Used:

Eyeshadow Shades "1942", "Party Time", "The New Black", "Birthday Girl", "New Year, New Me" & "Midnight" on eyes

"Cheers" Blush on cheeks

"Confetti" Highlighter on tops of cheeks, inner corner of eye, nose and cupids bow

"Birthday Suit" Velvet Liquid Lipstick

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