Reflecting on My First Year of Blogging

Friday, 15 September 2017
I know it's a cliché but this year has seriously flown by! I remember last year whilst I was on holiday with my family and not particularly excited to go back to a job I no longer enjoyed, my Mum asked me "why don't you start a blog?".

I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it already, especially as I am an avid reader of blogs and watch a lot of youtube. However, I had always put it off. Firstly, I had no idea how to even go about creating a blog and secondly, I suppose I'm a bit scared of failure. The idea of putting myself out there and all my thoughts, views and opinions being online and then it completely falling flat, no one looking at it and having to accept defeat for everyone to see? Not something I wanted to get myself into. I thought it over a lot, my family and boyfriend were very encouraging and made me realise that even if it did turn out to be a complete failure - at least I tried!

You know what though? It turns out I seriously enjoy it! It didn't matter that for the first few months I was only getting a couple of views a day (most likely from family members), the truth was I am and always have been passionate about beauty and fashion and writing about it is so much fun. Blogging is about sharing your opinions. It's not based on fact, you don't need to do any studying or exams or calculations. It's just you talking about what ever you want! I can't say it's been particularly hard buying different products or clothes to write about either.

I feel like my blog has definitely evolved since I started. Obviously the layout has changed a couple of times but even my pictures; the way I take them, the layout, background and even the quality of them since I started using a new camera is different. I look back at my earlier posts and think how bad the pictures are, I'm sometimes even tempted to delete and re-do them all. But actually, they show how far I've come since then and how much I've learnt!

The most exciting thing is seeing the number of views grow day by day, so far I have over 60,000. I realise on the grand scheme of things that's not a crazy amount but for me I'm still amazed! And, to be honest, when I first started my blog I didn't care that my views were low because I was enjoying myself. Even if my Mum was the only person who read every single blog, I was still posting them weekly because it made me happy! And isn't that the most important thing?

I have no idea what the next year will bring but I am very excited to find out; if you're reading this and thinking that blogging may be for you then I'm telling you now - you will never know unless you try!

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