Obsessed: Lancôme Energie Die Vie

Saturday, 23 September 2017

For someone who seems to always be tired, the Energie Die Vie range is a god send! This skin care range from Lancôme is specifically for energising and plumping the skin. Enriched with goji berry, lemon balm and more recently melissa, ginseng and cranberry it is packed full of natural plant extracts that will give you energised skin with a healthy glow. It also smells frickin' amazing!

Overall there are 7 products in the range, other than what I've got there is a liquid moisturiser available which I believe is £44 for the 50ml bottle. It is, however, oil free so I don't know how it would work with my dry skin; it is much more suited to those of you who are normal/oily skin type. There is also a clay mask that has just recently come out for purifying the skin, this costs £44. I have been able to try it and I really liked it. It gives your pores a good clean and my skin felt very fresh afterwards.

Exfoliating Mask £44
Pearly Lotion £29.50

The mask that I have is the exfoliating mask. This is full of exfoliating beads that you massage into the skin after leaving it on your skin for a few minutes. This is another way of giving you skin a good deep clean whilst removing any dead skin and grime. I have talked about the Pearly Lotion in a couple of previous blogs (read here and here), I honestly think this helps me wake up in the morning. It offers an extra layer of hydration whilst the ingredients give the skin a burst of energy. I can't imagine my routine without it!

Water Infused Cream £44
Night Mask £42

The moisturiser I use is the water infused cream. It's quite a light cream but it is packed full of hydration, the texture is so light it almost melts into the skin. I'm not sure if would be rich enough on it's own for me; I normally need something a bit richer. But with the use of the Pearly Lotion beforehand it works perfectly. The night mask is of a similar texture and will help your skin look radiant in the mornings. It's an absorbing mask; meaning it absorbs into the skin instead of peeling or being washed off. You can either apply it as your moisturiser before bed or you can apply a generous amount to your entire face and leave for 10 minutes so your skin can really take in all the ingredients before wiping off.

Eye Gel £24.99

This is probably my favourite of all the products! This gel cools the eye area whilst also reducing appearance of tiredness. This feels so nice in my morning routine, the metals balls used to massage the product in are so soothing and really help get rid of any puffiness. I also find that my under eye make up applies so much nicer after using this.

I understand Lancôme is quite pricey; but I honestly don't mind spending a bit more on skin care. I completely agree that high street/drug store skin care products can be really good, but they definitely aren't the same. If you find yourself struggling to wake yourself up in the morning then maybe, like me, you need some Energie Die Vie in your life!

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