Never Again: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I haven't done a post like this in soooo long because, to be honest, there haven't been any products that I've been seriously disappointed with. When I see a certain product get highly praised on youtube and blogs, I think it makes it so much worse when you don't like it. It makes me think why can't I make it work like everyone else, or maybe I got a dud. Either way it's money wasted on a product I probably won't use again. As you can see by the title I am talking about the Bobbi Brown black gel liner. I'd seen so many people use this and honestly thought I was going to fall in love, but alas I did not.

I'm such a black liner junkie, whether it's liquid or gel I'm completely obsessed with doing cat eye flicks on myself. I actually find applying gel liners with an angled brush a bit easier than using liquid pens so when I bought this I had really high hopes. First of all, it's Bobbi Brown, so this set me back £19. Not exactly cheap. Second of all, I found the pay off seriously underwhelming. It looks really jet black in the pot but on my eyes it was so sheer people thought I was wearing brown eye liner! Don't get me wrong, it was easy to use and lasted well. It's just the colour itself was so bad, I like my liners way more intense than that. Perhaps building it up would work better but to be honest I don't want to spend ages getting a liner to full opacity when I know other products will do it in one swipe.

I feel like everyone says this when giving negative reviews but I will say it anyway; I LOVE Bobbi Brown. Her shimmer bricks are to die for, and her Long-Wear Even Finish foundation is one of my faves! Just because I don't like this product does not mean I hate her entire brand. Also, just becaue I don't like it doesn't mean you won't. If this is one of your holy grail products that you use every day then keep at it! It's quite common for well known and loved brands to release some not so great products now and again, for me this was Bobbi’s.

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