Current Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Friday, 1 September 2017

Since I have actually started keeping to a skin care routine I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin; I feel that it has become a bit less sensitive and my skin texture is a lot smoother. I will say what I always say, you don't have to use as many products as me. As long as you have got the right products for your skin you can definitely use less. However, when it comes to skin care, the more you are willing to put in, the more you will get out of it. Meaning, the more products you have in your routine the better results you will see as every product does different things; so using them all together you will definitley see a difference. 

Lancôme Miel-En-Mousse, Clarisonic Mia 2 Cleansing Brush, Lancôme Créme-Mousse Confort & Clinique Take the Day Off Balm 

For cleansing it all depends what I feel like at the time. I have recently discovered Lancôme's Miel-En-Mousse foaming cleanser and I am in LOVE. It's made with acacia honey and when massaged into dry skin it becomes a foam; it smells incredible and makes my skin feel so soft and clean afterwords. I can't recommend this enough! The Clinique Take the Day Off Balm is still a firm favourite of mine (read my blog about it here) and I featured the Clarisonic cleansing brush on my "10 products I can't live without" blog (read it here). I still really enjoy using both these products and they definitely help give my skin a proper clean.

For toner I have been using Lancôme's Tonique Confort (also containing acacia honey) which is especially for dry skin. It has quite a thick consistency to it but I've found it really helps keep my skin hydrated and it feels really soothing as well. I prefer to use this one at night instead of my Pixi Glow Tonic as I want my skin to feel as comfortable as possible when I'm asleep.

Advanced Génefique Sensitive is a brand new launch from Lancôme which I have been lucky enough to be able to try out over the past few weeks. Unlike the normal Advanced Génefique which can be used every day all year round, Advanced Génefique Sensitive has a dual concentrate containing ferulic Acid and vitamin E for those "bad skin" periods which we can go through a couple of times a year. Once activated the ferulic acid has a potency of about 2 months and the entire bottle will last you for one months use. It is recommended to be used at night, so I have been using my normal Advanced Génefique every morning and Advanced Génefique Sensitive in my night time routine.

Not sure if this is going overboard with serums but I've been using the Hydra Zen Masque from Lancôme; a moisturising serum-in-mask that is seriously hydrating my skin feels so nourished by morning. I feel because it has the serum aspect to it the hydration goes a lot deeper into the skin, as that is how serums work. It is an absorbing mask, meaning it is absorbed into the skin and it's not a mask that you have to wipe or peel off. The whole Hydra Zen range from Lancôme is suitable for sensitive skin so I find it works really well for me.

Lastly, the eye cream I have been using I actually featured on my Summer Skin Care Routine blog (read it here) as I have been using it day and night. It's the Creamy Eye Treatment from Kiehl's which has avocado in it; I'm still really enjoying using this, it is definitely creamy and I feel like my under eye area is in good nick because of it.

...aaaand for the nights when I can't be bothered my skin will be lucky if I use a make up wipe!

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