Summer Skin Care Routine

Sunday, 2 July 2017
During summer I feel I can give my skin a bit of a break and let it do its own thing a bit more as when it's hot and humid my skin gets less dry. I still like to use a lot of products from time to time but it's not needed every single day. I don't like to use products that are too thick and heavy on my skin; I try to keep it pretty light and fresh so the product doesn't melt off my face in the heat. I did my blog "What is Your Perfect Skin Care Routine?" (read it here) not long ago which does feature a lot of these products; however that was focussing on the steps of a routine that can be used all year round. This blog is focusing on the products I am using this summer.

Products Featured: Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub, Vichy 3-in-1 Micellar Water, Pixi Glow Tonic, Lancôme Pearly Lotion, Lancôme Advanced Génefique, Lancôme Visionnaire SPF20 & Fluid Moisturiser, Kiehl’s Avacado Eye Cream, Sunday Riley Artemis Oil & Glam Glow Flashed Brightening Mask

For cleansing I'm using the Yes To Grapefruit Facial Scrub and the Vichy 3 in 1 Micellar Water. I've not been overly impressed with Yes To Products in the past (read here and here) however I'm really liking the facial scrub; I use it every morning to start my routine and it really helps me wake up and it smells amazing. On the days I can't be bothered to travel to the bathroom I use the micellar water. To be honest micellar water is micellar water. I can't really tell the difference between this one and the ones I've used in the past. It was pretty cheap and didn't irritate my skin which is good but I wouldn't say you needed to pick this one above any other. For toner I have been using the Pixi Glow Tonic which I also wrote a blog about (read it here) so if you want more info take a look; long story short - I love it.

For the next part of the routine, I have been using the Lancôme Energie Die Vie Pearly Lotion, a water based hydrating lotion mixed with oil that adds an extra layer of hydration as well as plumping and energising the skin. This also smells so good as well and I've really noticed a difference since I started using it. After that I use the Lancôme Advanced Génefique Serum, my skin feels so much smoother and fine lines have definitely been reduced since I've started using this. It is quite pricey but well worth it my opinion; also a little goes a long way!

My moisturiser of choice has been the Lancôme Visionnaire moisturiser in either the Cream with SPF 20 or the fluid formula. I really like both of them to be honest; I prefer to wear a SPF especially when the sun's out but the fluid is a lot lighter as adding an SPF to cream can make it a lot richer than normal. The choice I make basically depends on my mood! If my skin is having a bit of a rough time then I do really enjoy adding some of my Sunday Riley Artemis Oil into my moisturiser. I've mentioned this oil so many times and it even has it's own blog (read it here) so I won't bore you with praise again. The eye cream I have been using is the Kiehl's Avacado Eye Cream. I first heard about this when Kylie Jenner talked about it, yes I must have EVERYTHING the Kardashian's/Jenner's have in hope that my skin will look like theirs. I really like it at the moment, it's nice and creamy, I feel that my under eyes feel nice and moisturised after every use and it doesn't irritate my eye area which I find can be a problem with a lot of eye creams.

At times I do have quite dull skin so anything that has the work "Brighten/Brightening" in it I am drawn to. That is what made me want to try the Glam Glow Flashmud Brightening Mask; it smells incredible! Like Oranges! I'm obsessed. The only issue I have is it's very close to being a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. Whenever I remove it my whole face is pink to the point where there is a perfect line around my face where the mask has covered the skin. It isn't painful, it doesn't sting or tingle and my skin doesn't feel hot or anything but it definitely doesn't look good being that pink. What it does do however is make my skin feel sooooo soft and gives it a bit of glow, perfect for summer! Once the redness has died down of course.

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