Review: Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection

Friday, 7 July 2017
Yes I keep spending money on Kylie Cosmetics even with the ridiculous customs charge. I need help. To be honest with you though I do genuinely enjoy the products I've tried so far so I don't really mind spending the money I do. It amounts to the same price as some other high end brands would anyway! I'm very impressed with how many collections and new additions Kylie Cosmetics brings out, there seems to be something every month which is a great way to keep a brand and customers interested. For me, the big draw for this collection was the palette, I've definitely banged on about my love of palettes in the past and when I first saw this palette on Instagram I knew I had to get it. 

I bought the bundle which included the liquid lipsticks and palette for $75 (around £58), on their own they cost $40 each so you save $5. I still think the prices aren't bad, so far, and she still has free international shipping on orders over $60. Yes there is a customs charge; I'm not going to get into that again, it's still annoying but yet I still order, so it clearly hasn't put me off. This delivery took about 2 weeks which isn't unusual for an order from the US. Sometimes I've ordered off Kylie Cosmetics during a "busy period" and it has taken up to a month to be delivered. Luckily not this time!

I really like the packaging of this collection. I think shiny gold looks really pretty and summery. Both the blush and the bronzer have a little shimmer to them which I don't mind at all. The blush colour is so so gorgeous, my favourite colour blushes are the warm toned peaches and corals as I find they really suit my skin tone. It went on nicely and blended well; I did find it quite pigmented so I applied it with a light hand. The bronzer, for me, didn't go on as well. Again; it was very pigmented but I found it applied quite patchy. It definitely needed lot of work to blend in better. However I did like the colour on me and the shimmer looked really pretty in the light. The highlighters I was really impressed with. Kylie has got a lot of stick for her highlighters in the past but I really liked these. It is possible that she has changed the formula after the bad feedback of course. I found they had a nice smooth texture and you can build them up to however blinding you want them to be. The Palette gets a thumbs up from me!

Has everyone looked at the swatches, okay? Good. How pretty are these?!?!?! I mean Doll has got to be one of my favourite Kylie Cosmetics liquid lip shades EVER. I really like how goes with my eye colour and skin tone. If you have a warm complexion and blue eyes then this will look amazing on you. It does go on a littttttle bit streaky but I found I was able to build up the intensity before it dried down.To be honest I love all these colours and will be wearing them all. I do think her liquid lip formula has changed, these ones felt so light weight, more so than her original ones which is good. The lip gloss is very pretty and has good pigmentation. The only thing is I'm just not that into lip gloss as I've mentioned before. But that is just a personal thing, if you're obsessed with glosses then you'll probably love this. Overall I'm really happy with this collection and will get a lot of use out of it!

From left to right: Bunny, Baby Girl, Doll & Sugar Plum

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