Sun Protection I'll Be Using This Summer

Sunday, 25 June 2017
As I type this it is currently a scorching 28 degrees celsius in Kent without a cloud in sight. June has actually turned out to be a pretty decent month where weather is concerned as normally we are hit with a deluge of rain. But not this year. This year, its very very hot. At the beginning of every summer I always make sure I stock up on sun care. Most sun care products are only in date for 12 months which means by the time next summer rolls around they will have gone off. 

I am typically British in the sense that if I stay out in the sun I will burn. That being said, I don't burn that easy as I have a yellow undertone to my skin and my skin tone is light/medium so I can handle some sun without going bright pink. I always wear sun protection anyway as UV rays are very bad for your skin, not only causing sun damage but also being one of the leading causes of skin cancer. So many people say "but sun care stops you from tanning and I want a tan!". Incorrect. Sun protection will slow down the tanning process of course but it won't stop it. I enjoy getting a tan as much as the next person but I won't do it unless I am wearing sun care. At the end of the day burning is not only really really painful but it can really harm you. You live in your skin so surely you want to make sure you take the best care of it!

My favourite brands for sun care are La Roche-PosayVichy and I will always go for either Garnier or Nivea. I will also continue to use my Lancome moisturiser that has SPF 20 in it to wear underneath my make up if I'm going out during the day. For days when I'm planning on sitting out in the sun I will use factor 50 on my face. I don't like to wear anything less than 50 as getting a burnt face is the worst. It will also help protect against ageing from the suns rays as well. La Roche-Posay has an array of sun care; I really liked the Anthelios XL cream, it's quite rich so good for my dry skin but I believe they do a fluid formula if you want something lighter. I'd never used the Garnier Dry Mist before but I'm very impressed. You literally just spray it all over and it dries within a couple of minutes, most importantly it doesn't feel greasy or sticky like other sun creams which I love. 

I actually discovered the Vichy After Sun Oil last year and took it on holiday with me. I loved it so much I had to get it again this year. You can either put it on dry skin or put in on after you've cleansed in the shower then rinse it off. It really helps calm my skin when it's hot and makes it really smooth. If oil doesn't sound like your thing then there are plenty of creams available from many brands. It is a common misconception that you only need to use After Sun when you're burnt. You should really use it every time your skin has been over exposed to sun. After all, and I've said this in many blogs, tanned skin is where your skin cells have been damaged that's why the pigmentation changes. So it's important to use After Sun to help soothe the skin afterwards. 

We don't get a lot of sun in Britain so make sure you enjoy it safely!

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