My Summer Candles

Saturday, 10 June 2017
It has been a while since I've adorned my room with candles, I only really purchase them when I have enough money to do so. Normally I always find other things I'd rather buy; that being said, anything to do with Mojito's I need to have in my life and once I've bought one candle, I need to buy another. When buying a selection of candles I try to get ones that have completely different scents. The Cuban Mojito candle is very sweet whereas the Fluffy Towels candle is very fresh and the Midsummer's Night candle is quite musky. So I'm able to chop and change to whatever scent I feel like at the time. 

Of course they are large Yankee Candles because they've always worked well for me, I do realise there are plenty of other candle brands out there and maybe if I was more of an enthusiast I would explore them but for now, Yankee Candles will do just fine!

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