Review: Ofra x Nikkie Tutorials Collection

Sunday, 30 April 2017

I’m so excited! Finally a Youtuber collaboration that is released when I actually have money :) I normally miss out on all of these because they’re always released when I’m broke and by the time I have money they’re all sold out. Well not this time! Nikkie Tutorials is one of my favourite Youtuber’s, her make up is insane; it should not be physically possible to do what she does but somehow she does it. Whenever I try it I end up a God Damn mess. Anyway I was itching to get my hands on this. I'd never used Ofra before but Nikkie talks about their products a lot and at £55 for the whole set I thought it was a pretty decent price.

The star of the show for me has to be the highlighter "Everglow", I'm still quite new to the highlighting world and my collection isn't that big but I've pretty much used this every day since I got it. The colour selection is great; the lighter colours I used to highlight my face and the darkest colour looks really pretty as eyeshadow. Obviously on darker skin tones this would look beautiful on the cheek bones. The pigmentation is amazing, as you can see in the swatch pictures it has ridiculously good pay off. What I can't get over is the texture, it almost feels like a cream it's so smooth and buttery. How they get powder like that I don't know. I won't be taking this out of my make up bag anytime soon!

From Left to Right: Nude Potion, Spell & Coven

Liquid lipsticks are always a win for me, I liked the colour selection she did. That being said the palest one "Nude Potion" doesn't really suit my skin tone, I feel like it washed me out a little bit so it will probably look better on paler skin tones. My favourite is "Coven" the dark metallic brown, they pay off was beautiful and it lasted well. I wasn't overly impressed with the pay off of "Spell", I wore it on a day out and found it was a bit streaky but when I tried to apply another coat during the day it went a bit gloopy so had to wipe my lips clean and started from scratch. I do really like the colour though but maybe won't choose to wear it for an entire day.

For the price I'm really impressed with this collection, if you missed out on buying the products all together I believe Ofra are re-releasing them as individuals. If you feel like treating yourself at all - definitely go for the highlighter!

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