Review: Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

Friday, 31 March 2017
Well isn’t this lovely! This is all over the internet, seriously I’ve seen so many youtubers and bloggers rave about this cleanser. Not one for wanting to be left out, I had to try it for myself and seriously, this stuff is the bees knees.

First of all it feels amazing to the touch, literally feels like silk on your fingers and for someone with irritable skin, I knew my face would be happy with this. Be amazed as your make up literally disappears before your very eyes after only a few circular motions with your hands. You can even remove eye make up and it won’t bother your eyes, not one bit. I’m so in love with this and I use it every day without fail. I know I only recently reviewed The Make Up Eraser (read it here) which can remove make up without any products but now I actually use these products together. You don’t need to of course; I use the eraser if I want to remove make up quickly and I also find using the eraser helps to wipe off the excess and get rid of the last bits of make up and also dries my face. Plus I’m so extra with my skincare it’s getting a bit out of hand.

Clinique products are fragrance free making them really good for people with sensitive skin and the cleansing balm is so gentle it felt really nice on my skin. It also has a reasonable price of £22. If you’re not a fan of getting your hands dirty during your cleansing routine, then I’d probably give this a miss; it doesn’t really work with a cotton pad so you’d be better sticking with the waters and milks. I used to be one of those people that hated that one drop of water that trickles down your arm and gets your top wet, I would even try holding my elbows up ridiculously high to try to stop it. However since trying this, I don’t seem to care too much anymore. Maybe I’ve grown up, or maybe this product is so darn good I’m willing to get over it!

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