Review: The Make Up Eraser

Thursday, 23 February 2017
My life has been changed for the better! When I started wearing make up every day for my new job, I noticed that I was using up cotton wool pads at an alarming rate to do my cleansing routine every night. Well, that was before I was introduced to the Make Up Eraser. I hadn’t heard of it until my friend tried it and raved about it; it did’t take a lot of convincing to get one, as soon as she said it removes make up in seconds - I was sold!

That is not an exaggeration either. It literally takes seconds to remove a full face of make up; just a couple of wipes across your face and your make up is removed! The flannel is very soft so it doesn’t irritate the skin. I will be honest; even though it is soft it does feel like its dragging the skin a little bit which I don’t like the feel of. But as I said, you only need a couple of wipes to remove everything, so it’s something I can definitely live with. I do still use liquid cleansers after this to pick up any remaining traces of dirt and make up, but I’m not having to use anywhere near as much product as I did before.

The Make Up Eraser costs £15.75 and I got mine online from Beauty Bay, it is also available in other colours. The blurb says that it is machine washable and has up to 1000 uses! It also had different textures on either side. The side with the shorter hairs is the side to remove make up and the other side with longer hair is for exfoliating. Not too sure how well it exfoliates because it’s so soft but I do it anyway; might as well follow the rules.

The Make Up Eraser has made my evening skin routine so much easier and hassle free, not to mention the money saved on the cotton wool pads. If you’re anything like me and don’t like having to put a lot of effort into skin care routines then the Make Up Eraser is definitely for you!

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