Winter Body Care Routine

Saturday, 4 February 2017
It’s a similar story to my winter skin care routine to be honest; although the majority of my body stays hidden during winter because it’s so cold, I still want to make sure skin is in good condition during the winter months. Plus there are so many seasonal scents thats smell amazing (I may have bought some of these for Christmas).

I start off with The Body Shop spiced apple shower gel. If there’s one thing The Body Shop have bang on, it's scents. Every Body Shop product smells incredible! Apple scents are one of my favourites and this one in particular smells delicious. It also lathers up really nicely and makes me feel nice and clean. I would happily repurchase The Body Shop shower gels.

I always use a body scrub at least twice a week, I have used Soap & Glory before and really liked their scrubs in particular. Soap & Glory are another brand that produce great smelling products; they smell really sweet almost as if you could eat them. Effective and affordable.

Kiehl’s has really saved me this winter, as I think they produce really great rich creams that keep my skin moisturised but aren’t too heavy to become irritable. The Creme De Corps body lotion is fantastic; it makes my skin so soft and nourished I really feel like I’ve been pampered after I used it. I’d heard a lot of praise for this product before buying it and was not disappointed. I love it when products live up to the hype.

It’s so important to look after your skin all year round and make sure you are catering your routine to your skins needs. I can be lazy sometimes and not moisturise for a few days at a time but I can totally see the difference in my skin when I don’t, so make sure that you do it as often as possible. Trust me your skin will thank you for it!

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