Review: Sleek Highlighter Palettes

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

For someone who only owned one highlighter a year ago I’m becoming quite a fan of them; they just look so beautiful on the skin and give a lovely glow. The sleek highlighters are brilliant; I can’t quite believe that a palette of four highlighters only costs £9.99 AND there is a great selection of colours. All palettes contain a mixture of cream and powder highlighters and a small flat brush. I don’t really like the brushes included so that’s why I haven’t included them in the pictures. Not to mean they’re bad brushes, I just don’t like them.

Midas Touch
Midas Touch (From Left to Right): Solitaire (cream), Tranzanite (powder), Rhinestone (powder) & Cubic Zirconia (powder)

The powder highlighters are the winners for me; they are pigmented, have a lovely shine and blend really well. The creams, I’m not a massive fan of them; a couple do look nice on the skin but the others have a weird texture that puts me off and aren’t that pigmented at all. Some of them were a little bit lumpy and almost had a greasy feel to them. That being said, the powders are definitely worth it for the price.

Cleopatra’s Kiss
Cleopatra’s Kiss (From Left to Right): Sphinx (powder), Delta (cream), Dynasty (cream) & Goddess (powder)

The palettes all have mirrors which, if you read my Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow review, you'll know excites me greatly! I do like the colours they've used for the packaging as well; especially the gold, it looks very chic. However, the palette is lightweight and that feels very cheap and I would worry about this staying in one piece if it fell on my wooden floor from a height. It could happen, I can be very clumsy. But I can't expect much more when the overall quality of the highlighters is good and the price really affordable.

Solstice (From Left to Right): Ecliptic (cream), Hemisphere (powder), Subsolar (powder) & Equinox (powder)

My favourite palette is probably the Solstice palette, which is the one everyone went crazy for - and for good reason! There is a varied colour selection but they are all still wearable. Yes, the lavender might be a bit strong for some people to put on their cheekbones, but imagine how pretty that would look on the inner corners of the eyes? A great way to make your eyes pop!

Precious Metals
Precious Metals (From Left to Right): Platinum (cream), Royal Gold (cream), Renaissance Gold (cream) & Antique Bronze (powder)

If you do your make up shopping on a budget then I would encourage you to try these and I'm sure you will not be disappointed. High street/drug store brands are really upping their game when it comes to overall quality of products, which makes it so much easier to do a beautiful make up look on the cheap!

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