My Current Perfume Collection

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

I’ve always been a bit of a perfume fanatic. I need to have multiple perfumes on the go so I can change scents depending on my mood or occasion. I just love nice smelling things, it sounds stupid to say that because doesn’t everyone? However I do know people who could happily live without perfume. It doesn’t mean they smell bad; they just don’t care too much about spending £60 on a bottle of perfume.

Marc Jacobs Dot

However, I can’t get enough of perfume. Where I’m currently working, I’m right next to the fragrance counter and constantly smelling the different perfumes on offer and deciding which ones I like.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose

There is also something nostalgic about perfume; for example, if I spray one that I haven’t worn for years I’m immediately transported back to a time in my life. Scientists do say that smell is the biggest trigger for memories, and as stated in previous posts, I do love a bit of nostalgia me.

YSL Cinema

Soooo my collection could be quite big to some, but bear in mind I very rarely buy perfume myself, I usually ask for it for Birthday’s or Christmases. But you must know by now that I am a collector and no products are exempt from being collected. Including Perfumes.

Hugo Boss Deep Red

Now, I’m going to be very honest and say that I’m not great at describing scents. Yes, that probably makes this post quite pointless; but just trust me when I say these all smell AMAZING. The lighter fragrances are Dot and Diamonds Rose; I like to wear these during the day, as they are very fresh and not too overpowering. The other scents are a lot stronger and I tend to wear them in the evening or to special occasions; they are also a tad more expensive so I don’t want to use them up within a month.

Dior Miss Dior

My favourite all time fragrance is Miss Dior. I remember the first time I ever smelt it and have been in love with it ever since. It’s the only perfume that I have constantly had on my shelf; as soon as one bottle finishes I have to replace it with another one. Even my Mum says that the scent reminds her of me. It’s a strong, sweet fragrance. I know the word “sweet” will put some people off but it’s not sickly sweet like the perfumes I used to wear as a teenager. It’s just enough to smell delicious. When I originally bought this it was called Miss Dior Cherie and when they changed the name, I thought they had discontinued it and was completely heartbroken. Luckily when I expressed my heartbreak at a Dior counter they informed me that they still sold the perfume just with a different name; my heart was mended.

Marc Jacobs Decadence

I see scents as very personal, I would never buy someone a perfume unless I knew they already liked it because people like different smells and also perfumes can smell different on different people. I also think they can be quite special and I am always on the lookout to discover a new amazing scent.

Emporio Armani Diamonds

Other Perfumes I love:

Calvin Klein Euphoria, Giorgio Armani Si, Lancome La Vie Est Belle & YSL Black Opium.

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