Review: NYX Glitter & Lid Lingerie

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I am so excited by these! I’ve been watching so many videos of people using the Lid Lingerie and it looks so gorgeous on the eyes. The glitters also look very pretty and I was interested to see how these products worked together. Both products are available in lots of colours; I chose these ones because I thought they would look really nice during winter and for Christmas.

The eye creams are very pigmented and have a lovely metallic sheen to them. They are quite wet at first but do dry down and they didn’t transfer when I blinked which is brilliant. They have doe foot applicators which is great for picking up lots of product and spreading it across the eye lids. One problem I did encounter was when I tried to do a cut crease I found it near impossible to do a straight line with the applicator so had to use a brush instead. I am aware this could just be my lack of skill and it’s only a small drawback to this product.

From Left to Right: Fame & Fortune, Bronze Mirage, Night Glow & Gold Standard

These cost £6 each, £6!! Such a bargain for something that works so well. I would love to get more colours and see how they all look. As well as being a beautiful creamy eyeshadow colour, I found they were also a great base for the glitter and when the glitter was applied directly on top of the Lid Lingerie, it looked so so pretty and sparkly. Definitely a look I will be wearing more often.

The glitters were of a similar price point to the Lid Lingerie, 50p cheaper in fact, and I think they are brilliant as well. The glitter itself is really fine; I don’t mind chunky glitter for a festival look but for Christmas glam I don’t want large glitter chunks as it can become uncomfortable, especially around the eye. I found the glitter picked up the light really well and gave a lovely sparkle to the eyelids; I imagine it will also look really pretty on the lips on top of a lipstick.

I really rate NYX as a brand. I have many of their products and really enjoy using them. I’m also amazed that they can produce so many good things so cheaply. I would really recommend NYX and am seriously loving these products!

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