London at Christmas

Sunday, 18 December 2016

London is my favourite city. There are so many things to do and see. I lived in London for 3 years whilst at university and have been going there since a very young age and I still haven’t seen everything London has to offer. It has a such a vibrant atmosphere especially during Christmas time and it looks so pretty with all the beautiful lights and decorations.

Covent Garden
Borough Market
The Ritz

I love walking down the busy streets and seeing them lit up! One of my favourite things to do in London at Christmas is go to Winter Wonderland, if anything is going to put you in the festive spirit it is a visit to Winter Wonderland. It is basically a small amusement park with amazing food and a load of bars but with an over the top Christmas theme. I love it.

Winter Wonderland

If that doesn’t appeal then how about visiting London’s famous department stores Liberty’s, Selfridges & Harrods to do a bit of Christmas shopping? Of course it is ridiculously busy at this time of year. Normally when I’m in London I put my head down and set a fast pace just to get from A to B, however in December I slow down and enjoy strolling and soaking up the Christmas cheer.

Burlington Arcade
Bond Street
Oxford Street

There is something for everyone in London and every time I’m there I fall more in love with my capital city.

Regent Street

A short video I did Christmas 2017 for my YouTube channel:

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