Review: NARS Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Collection

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
I’m really attracted to lip sets at the moment; I know people have personal taste when it comes to lip colours that they like and feel suits them, so they won’t actually purchase lip sets as there will be colours they won’t use. I don’t care too much about that and will just wear any colour I like whether it suits me or not! I also love mini versions of products, just too cute and also easy to travel with. The set cost me £32 and includes 6 lip colours, perfect for a Christmas present or little stocking fillers!

NARS Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Collection

The colours are very pretty berry reds and purples, perfect for Autumn and Christmas. I did find when I did the swatches that some of the colours were quite sheer, however if a soft look is what you’re going for then these would be perfect. (Please excuse my messy swatches, I’ve not quite got the skill down yet). If you did want to make these more intense you could just fill your lips in with a lip liner.

NARS Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Collection Swatches
From Left to Right:
Bound, No. 675, Chez Claude, Unspeakable, Plato's & Toy

On the lips, the product feels really nice and velvety. I wore this on a night out and did decide to put lip liner on first as I do like my lip colours quite intense but also long lasting. I loved the colour on my lips and I didn’t find the consistency too wet or sticky, which is great. My only gripe with the product is that I did have to reapply a couple of times throughout the night as it did sometimes transfer onto my glass or straw that I was drinking from. However that being said, the colours are gorgeous so I think I can put reapplication a couple of times to one side when it means I can wear such a pretty colour!

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