Review: MAC Selena Collection

Wednesday, 23 November 2016
The MAC Selena collection is inspired by the singer Selena Quintanilla. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of her before seeing this collection as she was killed 20 years ago when I was very young. However when I saw the collection, there were a lot of products which were similar to ones I use or have used before, so I was very interested to try them and see what they are like.

MAC Selena Collection

The products I chose were the Lipstick in “Dreaming of You” (£17), the Powder Blush in “Techno Cumbia” (£24), the Opulash Mascara (£15) & the Black Liquid Eyeliner (£16). May I talk about the packaging first please? I love the purple. It really stands out against the all over black of other MAC products and I really like that the packaging has Selena’s signature on it and that is also embossed on the powder. The colour also makes the products easy to spot in a very full make up bag.

MAC Selena Bronzer/Blush

I really like this bronzer/blush combo; not only does it mean you pack less in your day make up bag but one swirl of your brush in the pan, then onto your cheeks, gives a lovely subtle flush of colour. It is quite pigmented so I don’t pick up too much product on the brush but you can build it up to the intensity you prefer. It also has a soft shimmer which is really pretty.

MAC Selena Mascara

I am a huge fan of big mascara wands. I feel they are great for adding volume and length to lashes and the Opulash mascara is no exception. When I wore it I felt my lashes kept their curl throughout the day and the formula wasn’t too clumpy. The fact that the wand is tapered also means it's easy to get to the inner corners of they eye without painting your nose black. A great buy for me!

MAC Selena Eyeliner

I used to love using liquid eyeliners like this one but for the past couple of years I’ve pretty much stuck to felt tip liners. However seeing this in the collection, I wanted to give it a go to see if I can enjoy using a liner like this again or if I fail miserably. Unfortunately after trying this product, I realised I still don’t have much talent with liquid eyeliners as I struggled to make any lines straight. However when used to fill in any lines drawn with other liner, I found it worked really well. The colour was very opaque and it lasted all day which I know a lot of cheaper liners don’t. Obviously if you’re more skilled with liquid liners you’ll get away with just using this one; for me I definitely need to practice a bit more!

MAC Selena Lipstick
MAC Selena Lipstick Swatch

There’s not much I can say about the lipstick; it’s a deep berry red, has a nice consistency, looks great on - what more do you need?