Obsessed: TIGI Hair Products

Sunday, 13 November 2016
TIGI has to be one of my all time favourite hair brands. I have been using their products for years and have never been disappointed. As stated in previous posts I have very thick, unruly hair that has been damaged over time by colouring and styling so generally I do need to use really good products to tame the madness. I have genuinely broken a hair brush once because my hair was so knotty! I don’t think TIGI products are too expensive, others may disagree, however with hair products I have yet to find cheaper ones, conditioners specifically, that work as well as more expensive ones and that’s not through lack of trying.

TIGI Hair Products

I’m quite happy to spend a little bit more when I know these products work well with my hair. Can I also just mention the scents as well? They smell incredible! It’s like sweets or something. There are products that I have repurchased over and over and use on a daily basis. The Beach Freak detangling spray for example; I spray it all over my hair after I’ve washed it and brush my hair through with it making brushing easier and THE SMELL is just AMAZING. Although it is advertised as a “summer” product I’m a rebel and use it all year round.

I really really rate TIGI products and will continue to purchase from them, there are just some products I can’t live without!

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