Obsessed: Perfume Atomisers

Tuesday, 22 November 2016
The first I heard of these perfume atomisers was when my friend showed me hers and all I could think of was, how I didn’t have one and needed one immediately! What a clever idea to produce this little container to dispense small amounts of your favourite perfume to travel with instead of carrying around a huge, heavy and oddly shaped perfume bottle. It also means that if you are unfortunate to have your bag stolen or lost, you don't lose the whole bottle, only a few sprays. I get that your perfume is probably quite far down the list of what you worry about if you lose your things, but it is a small consolation.

Perfume Atomiser

I bought mine from Amazon for £5.99 and it is by Perfume Pod and you can get it with different coloured lids; I chose black, simple. It’s really easy to decant your perfume into it and the clear case means you are able to see how much perfume you’ve got in there. There are plenty of different atomisers available from many websites. I decided on Perfume Pod because of the price and it had very good reviews but there are cheaper ones and different styles available, so you don’t necessarily have to get the same one. I have already used this for a night out and for a weekend spent at my parents' house. It’s so handy and I want more people to know about it!