Never Again: Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Night Treatment

Saturday, 26 November 2016
I won’t beat around the bush, this product just did not work for me. I’ve used it over the past couple of months hoping to see some sort of difference with my skin but it just never happened. The scent was lovely but the moisturiser had a really weird consistency, I could almost feel it dry on my skin and it felt like I had a weird film over my face. Also the bottle it came in had a weird pump dispenser with a little hole in the middle where the moisturiser came out but the problem with that is the product dried up in the hole and I ended up trying to massage dry moisturiser into my face.

Yes To Grapefruit Night Treatment

The product says on it that you’ll wake up with a more radiant and even skin tone. For me, this just didn’t happen. My skin is dry so I’m always looking for a little bit of radiance but this delivered nothing. I also have an extremely uneven skin tone; I have dark circles under my eyes, my cheeks and chin are quite red and the rest of my face is yellow toned so I would love a product to even it all out. Unfortunately I haven’t found it here. It cost £12.99 so I’m not too heartbroken but it’s just a shame because I love finding cheaper products that work really well. I have said before that just because certain products haven’t worked for me, it may not mean they won’t work for you. It may be that there are people who have bought this and loved it. I’m just telling you my honest opinion but, at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you use!