My Make Up Brush Collection

Monday, 21 November 2016
I love having a range of brushes of different shapes and sizes that I can use depending on what look or finish I’m going for. Again, my collection is quite extensive. It seems I can’t do anything on a small scale especially where beauty or fashion is concerned. The storage pots that I keep the brushes in were bought from Amazon and were only a few pounds each; I think it makes my make up area a lot prettier to look at but still keeps all my brushes organised. As you can see, I categorise my brushes according to size and have 3 pots in total. The majority of my brushes are Real Techniques, I find these to work really well and they are not too expensive. I also like Zoeva Brushes which are fairly cheap as well. For a more expensive option I really enjoy using Nars brushes, I really like their all black design and how soft they are; but when I say they are expensive I mean expensive. I purchased one Nars brush for £43. I know.

Make Up Brushes

I find it very useful having lots of brushes if I want to use different colours or do different make up looks as I don’t have to continually clean my brushes to make sure there’s no weird colour mixes going on. Basically, I’m lazy. Speaking of cleaning, when I do manage to get my arse in gear and do something productive, I use the real techniques brush cleanser (£6.99) along with the cleansing palette (£12.99). I find using these together works really well to get off all the make up and grime that has built up all the way down the bristles. The brush cleaner actually smells really nice as well!

Make Up Brush Cleaner

It is really important that you do clean your brushes regularly to kill all the bacteria that has built up, especially if you have acne prone skin - in this case you really should clean your brushes after every use. You don’t always have to do deep cleans with foaming cleansers. I also have the MAC brush cleaner when I just want a quick wipe clean but make up wipes will work just as well. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of applying make up with clean brushes!