October Topshop Haul

Sunday, 2 October 2016
As payday was yesterday it was time to treat myself to some monthly Topshop Purchases. This may surprise some but this is actually quite a small haul for me, I was very strict on myself this time - well done me! As I knew I didn’t want to spend crazy money I settled on 3 items of clothing and some new make up bits that I wanted to try.

Topshop Clothes
Rust Split Side Tee £18, Ruffle Sweatshirt £30, Belted Popper Zip PU Skirt £42

The clothes I felt were very autumnal in colour and style. I love the rust coloured top and the frill detailing on the sweatshirt can add something interesting to a simple outfit. I realise the leather look (or fake leather in this case) isn’t everyones cup of tea but just because it’s leather doesn’t mean I’m going to start riding a motorbike anytime soon. I’m not a very girly girl and love wearing black, especially (fake) leather, I feel it makes a look a bit edgier which I love. The trick with leather for me is to not wear too much of it at once, a leather skirt added with a simple top or a nice dress paired with a leather jacket can look really trendy. I actually think the skirt and the rust top will go great together and am really excited to wear them out!

Topshop Make Up
Liquid Lips, £8.50 each, from left to right: Hustle, Rascal, Phony, Bluff & Decoy

As stated in previous posts I looooove liquid lipsticks, they’ve become so popular and I’m so excited that Topshop have brought out their own. They’ve also introduced two new smokey eye palettes, yes there are so many palettes available on the market but I felt the two that Topshop have created had some really interesting colours that you don’t usually find in many smokey eye palettes. The Palette I bought, called “Battle”, has some lovely browns but has also included a blue, green and gold glittery colour. I then bought myself some limited edition Eylure false eyelashes from the Enchanted collection called “Cherished”. I’m really into the natural false lash look, I realise that’s a contradiction, but I like it when false lashes are so subtle they could be mistaken for your real ones and I think these Eylure lashes will do just that!

Topshop Make Up
Eyelashes £5.50, Eyeshadow Palette £15

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