Obsessed: Ripped Jeans

Tuesday, 25 October 2016
Considering the weather is getting very cold now, I’m pretty much living in jeans at the moment. I only buy my jeans from Topshop. I find they fit me the best and they have such a range of styles and I don’t feel are too pricey, others may disagree. Anyway my Dad has always voiced his dislike of ripped jeans; he thinks they look over worn and like you’re too lazy to buy another pair! However I really like them, I like how they can have a relaxed look but can be dressed up as well. I really like wearing ripped jeans with a nice silky camisole if I’m going out for the evening. You can get them in so many colours and styles, I am always looking to expand my collection!

Ripped Jeans 1
Ripped Jeans 2
Ripped Jeans 3
Ripped Jeans 4

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